79% of a team's potential is lost due to ineffective teamwork.* We want to help you solve that.


Providing Solutions

Our basis for providing solutions for your workplace needs is our experienced Consulting, Training and Coaching, provided by our industry experts.  As we actively listen, understand your context, and journey with you, your success matters as much to us as it does to you.

Whether your company is based in China or you have business interests in China, we have solutions for you. (English and Chinese services both offered.)

“It helped me realize things I didn’t realize previously, both about myself and about people I work with. It’s easier for me to see things from a different perspective now. THANK YOU!” — Liferay, Dalian

Find out more about how we have provided solutions for some leading multinational companies based in China.

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Providing Solutions

Since 2005.

We’ve been based in China training local and expat workers since 2005, and our network of people, global expertise and accreditation has continued to grow.  Because we value our customers, you can trust us to journey with you all the way to success.

Our Team and Our Partners
About Us

About Us

From training individuals with leadership potential to running training for global corporations, our vision has not changed – to bring out the best in people, see them excel at what they do and influence others.

Our model of corporate consultation first involves listening to your needs, analyzing the situation, and providing solutions and long-term support as we guide you through your team’s development and growth. We want to see you succeed in productivity, accomplish your goals, and retain satisfied staff members in healthy teams.

We are also proud to be the principal sponsor of the Living Well program in Shanghai. Living Well seeks to see people dynamically growing, living whole, healthy lives and positively impacting their community. Click below to find out more about Living Well and about us.


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DISC™ Certified

With Certification in Global DISC™, our expert team are committed to helping your teams understand one another and understand the world, so that you have a competitive advantage, grow in agility, and, most importantly, get results.

DISC™ Certified
Follow us on WeChat: iConnect 爱联达咨询服务

Follow us on WeChat: iConnect 爱联达咨询服务

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We would be happy to hear what your company or team is facing and work with you at finding solutions. (English and Chinese enquiries both welcome.)

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